Wednesday, June 15, 2011

HID Reverse Light Back Lamp System Conversion Kit 15W

Back Lamp System 15W HID Reverse Light Conversion

1. Vin:9-16V, Inorm:2.0A
2. 6000K
3. New HID KIT for auto Reverse Kits

Features :

1. input voltage: 9V-16V, Inorm: 2A, input Power: 15W
2. working temperature range: -40°C~+105°C
3. Color temperature: 6000K
4. KIT including: hid bulb×2, ballast×1, T10/T15/T20 and s25 socket, mount rubbers and necessary wires

Warranty : 6 months

NOTE : We have no liability on any damage to the lamp itself as the area of the reverse light is usually very small and the reverse bulb is usually sit very close to the lens which MAY damage/melt the plastic of the tail lamp. We have tested this kit in cars with OEM/Taiwai/China made tail lamps and they are fine and no complaint so far, however, please DO NOT have them on for TOO LONG. Again, NORMAL reversing is fine but do not put on reverse for TOO LONG or when reverse is not needed.

Video : HID Reverse Light Back Lamp System Conversion Kit in ACTION

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