Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clients' Rides - Sept 2010

Peugeot 206 - H4 6000k
Peugeot 206 - H4 6000k
Peugeot 206 - H4 6000k
2000 Holden Astra - H7 6000k

2000 Holden Astra - H7 6000k
BMW E39 - H7 6000k
BMW E39 - H7 6000k

Holden VZ - H4 8000k

Holden VZ - H4 8000k

Holden VZ - H4 8000k
2010 Toyota Rukus - Low beam H11 12000k High Beam HB3 3000k  25 SMD LEDs T10
2010 Toyota Rukus - Low beam H11 12000k High Beam HB3 3000k  25 SMD LEDs T10
2010 Toyota Rukus - Low beam H11 12000k High Beam HB3 3000k  25 SMD LEDs T10
2010 Toyota Rukus - Low beam H11 12000k High Beam HB3 3000k  25 SMD LEDs T10
2010 Toyota Rukus - Low beam H11 12000k High Beam HB3 3000k  25 SMD LEDs T10
2010 Toyota Rukus - Low beam H11 12000k High Beam HB3 3000k  25 SMD LEDs T10
2010 Toyota Rukus - Low beam H11 6000k  25 SMD LEDs T10
2010 Toyota Rukus - Low beam H11 6000k  25 SMD LEDs T10

Thursday, September 23, 2010

How does H4 HID work (non-BiXenon)?

H4 HID (non-BiXenon) Globes contain 2 bulbs on each globe. The long bulb is for the HID low beam while the small one beside that is for the high beam. The below pictures show how the H4 HID lookslike when the low beam or high beam is turned on.

What is Bi Xenon HID?

Bi-Xenon Headlights refers to HID (High Intensity Discharge) Xenon headlights that offer both low (dipped) and high (main) beam lighting from a dual headlight system (as opposed to a quad headlight system).
A bi-xenon system eliminates the need for a separate halogen high beam bulb/lens by either moving the xenon bulb within the lens or by moving a shield up or down in front of the bulb (depending on the reflector design) to allow light to escape from the lens in a different pattern.
A bi-xenon system typically features dynamic headlight leveling and on some vehicles direction adjustability.

How does our Ballast and HID Globe look like?

How do our HID Kits look like?

How Slim is our Ballast?

Our featured SLIM Ballast is 8.2cmW x 6.2cmH x 1.5cmD which is very handy and easy to hide in a small engine bay.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How can i place an order?

You can SMS or Email me with your vehicle model, globe size and prefered temperature.

SMS : 0433262657
Email :

Why Us?

*High quality HID kit at an affordable price, simplified wiring which eliminates any unnecessary confusion during install.
*More than 16+ bulb types, we will have the right bulb type for your vehicle
* 0.3% failure rate, compared to 3-10% failure rate of other HID Conversion kits currently out on the market, the reliability is comparable to that of OEM HIDs
* Color temperature output has tolerance of +/- 100K, the tolerance is unnoticeable by human eyes
*Superior lumen output compare to its competitor

What are the payment methods?

• Paypal
• Bank Transfer
• Cash

How much does the shipping fee cost within Australia?

We charge AUD$15 to ship a single HID kit anywhere in Australia by express.
 We now offer $12 TNT shipping statewide.

General DIY Installation Guide


A. HID kit installations start with preparation. You have to make sure the vehicle is off the battery is disconnected, and the engine is cooled down. This is will ensure your safety. Now we can move to the actual installation. If you have a single low beam kit, locate your low beam dust cover on the back of your headlight assembly. Remove the cover by twisting it counter clock wise. This should unscrew the dust cover giving you access to the bulb. Make sure you unplug the bulb from the wiring harness before you attempt to remove it. Now you can continue to place the xenon bulb in place of the halogen bulb you just removed, just make sure you don’t touch the glass part of the bulb.
HID kit installation
B.: Installing the ballast. First thing is to find a good location to place the ballast, somewhere close enough to able to reach the bulb with the wiring plugs. Once you have the ballast secured then you can proceed to plug the wiring to the bulb, and plug the old harness to the ballast.
C.: In HID kit installation is to double check all the wiring plugs to make sure everything snapped into place correctly. Also double check to make sure that the ballast is securely attached to the vehicle. Now you can reconnect your battery and test out your new HID upgrade.

If your car got a back cover at the back?

Step 1: After disconnecting power to the two headlamps and after removing the bulb access covers of the low beam, high beam or both bulb access covers, drill a small hole in the removed cover. The HID-Xenon bulb wire is passed through this hole for your headlamp upgrade. On the wire is a supplied adjustable tight rubber waterproof grommet to be fitted into the hole. Next, the HID-Xenon D2S/R bulb is fitted into the headlamp抯 base and locked into position via the factory locking device. No cutting of wiring is required on the installation.

Step 2: Reinstall the access panel and close it. Secure the small ballast to a convenient location in the motorbay.

Step 3: Finally attach power to the headlamp in the normal manner and the upgrade is completed. Headlamp realignment is recommended but only required if you have removed the headlamp during the upgrade which sometimes can be avoided (model and side dependant).

It takes about 1-2hours to complete the installation. No special tools are required. Normal handtools only.
Important Notes:

Please Note: Some cars require more work than others to install the lights.
The 50 Hours break in period allows your light to reach its maximum shine.
Read your cars manual and HID Xenon Conversion Kits manual for more information regarding installation. Also, it is recommended to upgrade your fuses to 30AMP after installation. In some vehicles it is necessary to connect the connectors opposite of positive to negative and negative to positive.